Benefits of Regrouting adds value to your home

It’s time to learn about the benefits of regrouting. Apart from your shower looking brand new again, re-grouting will also add extended life as well. The new grout and silicone sealers will create a water tight shower cubicle again adding another ten to fifteen years onto the life of the re-grouted area. There are also health benefits to re-grouting. Not only will it get rid of nasty black mould which can cause severe respiratory problems, but the harsh chemicals you use to combat this mould will no longer be needed. The benefits of regrouting far outweigh the costs.

Upon completion of your shower re-grout, Strictly Grout will provide you with a 500ml bottle of highly concentrated all natural ph neutral cleaner to use on your newly completed shower re-grout to keep it looking as good as the day we left.

Benefits of Regrouting

How much does it cost to get your shower regrouted?

According to recent price guides, the estimated cost to regrout the average shower falls between $395 to $595. The difference is based on the size of the shower as well as the condition that the shower is in. A low price is certainly one of the biggest benefits of regrouting a shower.

While Strictly Grout specialize in waterproofing leaking showers & bathrooms without removing tiles. We can regrout showers, regrout shower walls, regrout shower floors, regrout shower hobs, regrout shower tiles, regrout bathrooms, regrout bathroom walls, regrout bathroom floors, regrout kitchen splash backs. regrout any area within the shower or bathroom.

Why Choose Strictly Grout for your shower or bathroom regrouting?
We use a special Epoxy Grout which is more flexible, has waterproof additives and will last longer. Our team will colour match the grout as needed. Simply call the 1300 number or submit an enquiry via our quote form.

benefits of regrouting a shower