Free Hard Surface Audit by our Tile Experts

Our Free Hard Surface Audit is much more than just a price quote! Our cleaning and sealing specialists will visit your home for a no obligation inspection of all your tile and grout. We`ll inspect for damage, staining and repellency including your shower walls and floors and any other hard surface that may require cleaning or restoration. We will also notify you if there is a perceived slip hazard and warn you ahead of time to ensure your safety.

We also offer sealing services for natural stone and grout as well as stripping off coatings, waxes and other types of sealers on natural stone, polished porcelain and ceramic tiles and other hard surfaces as well as grout haze removal. We follow the guidelines set by the TIAA.

If you’d like one of our Free Hard Surface Audit technicians to visit your office, site, or home, contact us via our booking form.

hard surface audit

Our Free Hard Surface Audit will assess the risk

How flooring choice affects slip risks

The key issues to consider when assessing the suitability of the flooring are:

  • smooth hard surfaces increase risk of slips
  • contaminants on the floor further increases risk
  • incorrect cleaning can make floors more slippery
  • changes in the height of flooring can cause trips, including changes as small as 1cm or even less
  • slips, trips and falls also occur between areas with different types of flooring material
  • a floor that is slip resistant when dry may not be slip resistant when wet
  • floor roughness is more effective than slip resistant footwear in reducing slips.

Checking existing flooring/surfacing

Essential factors to check for in existing flooring are:

  • flooring that is uneven or in poor condition such as:
    • loose or curling matting, torn carpet, uneven or broken concrete, chipped/cracked tiles
  • anti-slip paint, profile or tape that is worn, smooth or damaged
  • areas of slipperiness under normal conditions:
    • there may be spots of flooring that are more worn or contaminated than other areas of same flooring e.g. high traffic areas, in front of deep fryer. Record this on a mud map of the area
    • some surfaces may look non slip but become slippery when wet or otherwise contaminated. Conversely some surfaces may look slippery or shiny, but are not slippery when contaminated
  • flooring may have been originally chosen for a different purpose to how it is being used presently, so may no longer be suitable for its current use.

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