What areas does that include? The joint between the shower pan and the porcelain or ceramic wall tiles, also the joint between the sink and wall tiles or bathtub and wall tiles. Moreover, an internal vertical corner would also be a place that silicone would be used. How can you get a nice clean finish?

Tips From The Pros

Do not cut the nozzle hole too large. If you cut too much off the nozzle, it will be difficult to get the silicone to flow out in a thin bead. Also, cut the nozzle at a small 45 degree angle so that it will move smoothly along the joint.

When applying the silicone, run it over the beam in a single pass rather than starting and stopping.Want to add a shine to that silicone finish? Mix some water and dishwashing liquid, dip your finger in it, and run it along the silicone joint.