Optional Tiling Services we offer at strictly grout

What kind of Optional Tiling Services do you need? You have invested in a bathroom or tile makeover. What now?

We can provide you with the right cleaning solutions to ensure that your tiled surface remains clean, clear, and damage-free for as long as possible. We also offer a maintenance service for those people who require assistance.

Tile Repairs

If you have broken tiles or perhaps a cracked tile we can repair or replace those tiles for you. We ask that you purchase the tiles for the repair job. Please note that we do not offer a full tiling service. Consider a service like HiPages if you need a large tiling job.

Optional Tiling Services - cracked tiles
Optional Tiling Services - cracked tiles

Minor Tile Cracks - DIY

Minor cracks can be repaired with a small amount of epoxy and some paint.

  • Remove any debris from the crack and then use tile cleaner or dish detergent to remove any dust and grease. Wipe clean with a cloth and allow the tile – and the crack – to dry thoroughly.
  • Use a clear epoxy. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for mixing, if necessary.
  • Place enough epoxy on a piece of cardboard.
  • Apply the epoxy directly into the split, using a toothpick for a hairline crack or a craft stick for a wider crack.
  • Use the flat edge of a craft stick across the crack to level the epoxy, and scape away excess from the tile. Work quickly but carefully and remove residue from the tile surface.
  • Allow the epoxy to cure according to package instructions.
  • Apply a small amount of oil or urethane-based paint matching the tile color to the dried epoxy. Use careful strokes with a fine crafting paintbrush. Allow it to fully dry.
  • Brush urethane sealer over the paint patch to prevent peeling and allow it to fully dry.
Optional Tiling Services

Aside from being unsightly, cracked floor tile creates an opening that can allow moisture to reach the subfloor. In damp areas, such as the bathroom, repairing cracked tile should be done sooner rather than later to reduce the risk of water damage.