Anti-slip Floor Treatments for Floors and Showers

With many years experience in tile and grout maintenance, as well as Anti-Slip Floor Treatments, Strictly Grout are the industry leaders in tiled floor and wall maintenance. We use the latest machinery for removing old, damaged and discoloured grout. We also use the latest in grout additive to highly reduce the recurrence of any mould.

After years of scrubbing and using harsh cleaning chemicals in the shower, on the floor and on kitchen and laundry splashbacks, the grout wears out and becomes crumbly and very porous allowing mould spores to settle and grow a lot more easily. By carefully removing the old grout from around the tiles with specialised machinery and then replacing it with a sanitised coloured grout, the results will be simply amazing and bring new life to an otherwise condemned area.

The first step in the re-grouting process is to remove all the silicone sealers in the cubicle including the shower screen. Then the grout is carefully removed using specialised equipment. Once the grout is removed, the walls are then treated to kill any mould spores and bacteria lurking behind the tiles. Next we re-grout the tiles using a sanitised grout with a built in mould inhibitor and sealant giving you peace of mind and longer lasting results. Finally, colour matched sanitary grade silicone with mould inhibitors is re-applied to the shower cubicle and glass screens.

The same process is applied to kitchen and laundry splash backs, tiled bench tops and sink surrounds.

Swiss Grip offer a great product.

The benefits of our antislip Floor & Walkways products:

  • Antislip wet or dry
  • Chemical and UV resistant
  • High Impact resistant
  • Ideal for walkways, Ramps, Stairs and Steps
  • Available in non-slip Safety Yellow, Grey, Black, or Brown
  • Standard or Custom made
  • Available in emergency glow-in-the dark
  • Simple DIY installation
  • Easy to clean
  • Full 10 year factory warranty
Anti-Slip Floor Treatments
Anti-Slip Floor Treatments for Showers