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Grout Cleaning Services Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Perth

Grout Cleaning Services Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Perth

Skilled grout cleaning services are key additions to the cleaning routine for your home or company. Since tile surfaces and floors lose their lustre and shine over time, this is the case. If you want a smooth floor, mopping and scrubbing won’t suffice. These cleaning techniques can only clear the surface soil and not the embedded dirt because grout is porous and quickly retains both debris and dirt.

Mold and mildew will eventually develop on the surface of your tiles and grout, affecting their appearance. Furthermore, these harmful irritants produce an unsanitary environment that encourages the growth of mould, fungi, bacteria, and germs. Don’t make the most famous cleaning mistakes! Easy cleaning techniques would not be able to absolutely disinfect the floor and walls. Get professional grout cleaning services across the Sunshine Coast by Strictly Grout, and own cleaner tiles.

What exactly is Grout?

Grout Cleaning ServicesGrout is a dense powder or paste made from grit, water, and asphalt that is used as a building medium to fill gaps between tiles or concrete. When the tiles are mounted on the floor or walls, this paste is applied over and between them. Since the tiles bind to the floor or wall with mortar, white or coloured grout is used to tie the tiles together and fill in the holes between them with a neutral coloured paste. It gives the whole floor a smooth finish and prevents liquids or other contaminants from seeping under the tiles. Grout is porous, which means that moisture and soil will quickly infiltrate it. In the worst-case scenario, soil and moisture build up in the porous grout, causing it to turn black and harbour odours and bacteria.

Why Should Grout Be Cleaned?

Grout is one of the most important aspects of great-looking tiles. Grout is porous, meaning it retains grease, grit, and limescale easily. Wine, lemonades, or other greasy liquid spilled on the floor will leave scratches and patches on the joints. Mold, mildew, and limescale may cause grout between wall tiles to become dirty and unattractive, particularly in damp areas like bathrooms. Mould is one of the most unsightly issues, arising in the wettest areas of a room, such as the bottom of a shower or bath, and spreading to wider areas if left unchecked.

Continued use of acid-based shampoos and soaps in bath and shower areas can discolour grout joints, allowing yellow, orange, and pink stains to appear over time. This can be avoided by using a grout sealer, which provides an invisible shield between the grout and the wall, covering the investment for years to come.

We cover the grout with our impregnating grout sealers after cleaning and sanitising the tiles and grout and allowing them to dry. The sealer (invisible or coloured) absorbs into the pores of the grout, providing a shield against potential staining. Grout sealing covers the grout lines’ natural charm for years to come. Grout, if not covered, will get stained with time from soil and cleaning materials, making it difficult to clean to a high level. Bathrooms and kitchens are the most popular places to find this.

Grout Cleaning Services At Sunshine Coast

Grout is porous, meaning it can accumulate mud, mildew, fungus, and limescale with time. We at Strictly Grout deep clean grout with high-quality patented products and eco-friendly technologies for a pristinely clean and new look.

Ceramic tiles are easy to keep clean with traditional cleaning techniques, but grout lines get stained and discoloured over time, making it impossible to clean effectively. Grout washing necessitates the use of specialised industrial machinery as well as heavy-duty cleaning materials. We will clean your ceramic tiles and grout to the highest quality by using a specially formulated cleaning solution and high-pressure cleaning equipment. This new tile and grout cleaning machine has just recently been available in Australia. In comparison to every other procedure, the process produces unrivalled cleaning results.

Strictly Grout is the world leader in grout washing and sealing. To put your grout and tiles back to life, we use cutting-edge technologies in our products and tools. Allow Strictly Grout to show you your choices before having your tile cleaned and replaced.

When surrounded by dusty or stained grout, even the most exquisite and costly tiles will look dingy and unattractive. Unattractive grout is caused by foot traffic, spills, and improper cleaning practises and cleaning materials. Grout cleaning services are available from $city’s Strictly Grout to meet a variety of requirements and budgets.

By offering high-quality, expert grout repair, we want to surpass your wishes. Our job is normally finished in a single day. Grout washing costs a fraction of the cost of replacement and takes much less time than restoration when delivering the same effects.

Strictly Grout Provides High-Quality Services For Grout Cleaning

  •       Cleaning grout lines
  •       Grout sealing
  •       Paint sealing
  •       Bathroom tile and grout
  •       Floor tile and grout
  •       Wall tile and grout

Professionals Clean Grout More Easily

Cleaning methods that are used on a regular basis do not necessarily perform. Store-bought cleaners, for example, do not have a deep cleaning action. To penetrate the surface of your tiles, we use stronger solutions and tools. We also have the required equipment and experience for grout cleaning. If you’re curious why your grout is turning brown, read on to learn why and how to fix the problem!

Finally, grout cleaning firms are familiar with the techniques that are appropriate to use on your tiles. Our professional touch ensures that the grout is not harmed. We still keep the surface of your residential or commercial property in good shape.

Grout Cleaning Process At Strictly Grout

The grout cleaning equipment from Strictly Grout will do more than just dilute and suspend dirt. A one-step cleaning process is created by combining a hot wafer, high pressure, emulsifier, and vacuum.

  •       An emulsifier is used to dislodge soil and bacteria from their anchoring position.
  •       Excess grime, bacteria, and chemical residues are flushed out of the tile and grout with hot pressurised water.
  •       The polluted water is removed in a final vacuum, leaving the tile and grout clean and dry.

The grout should be sealed after the surface has been polished. This is the best way to protect your investment from stains and discoloration caused by water and oil.

How do we seal Grout Lines?

Spills are stopped from entering the brittle grout with grout sealers. Our impregnating absorbing water-based grout sealer repels water and oil-based liquids, preserves the grout from dirt and impurities, and removes stains produced by most foods and drinks. Sealing the grout lines can help to eliminate and minimise efflorescence build-up by:

  •       reducing staining and grime build-up
  •       eliminating bacteria formation
  •       Increases the longevity of the tiles
  •       Makes cleaning smoother
  •       Reduces the likelihood of cracking and flaking grout

What is the safest way to seal grout lines?

Strictly Grout uses specialised grout line sealing techniques to ensure the highest level of consistency protection. If the whole tile is made of natural stone or porous porcelain, the entire surface should be sealed. On a porous tile, just sealing grout lines will be unsuccessful. The prevalent misconception is that only the grout lines can be sealed on a glazed tile. This isn’t true. Without leaving some trace on the glazed tile, the grout line may be sealed on its own. Until curing, the sealer can be strategically rubbed on and the residue removed.

We offer a quality deep penetrating water based sealers, which take advantage of recent advances in nano-technology and fluoro-bond technology, improve the life of your grout. Strictly Grout is proud to be certified applicators of quality deep penetrating water based sealers. Our impregnating sealer manufactured in Australia, forms a tighter bond with the grout than any traditional mechanical or hydrogen bonding film forming sealer.

Grout Cleaning and Repair

Strictly Grout is Australia’s leading grout cleaning, sealing, and restoration company. Cleaning filthy tiles and grout has been a major problem for many people over the years, and regular tile and grout cleaners are often unsuccessful. Grout lines, in particular, are prone to discoloration and mould growth.

If your tiles and grout have been rusty, discoloured, and difficult to clean, or if your previous sealer has worn off, Sunshine Coast’s Strictly Grout Cleaning and Sealing service is the perfect option for hygienically cleaning and sealing your tiles while still protecting them from possible staining and decay.

Grout Recolouring

To give a room a whole new look, grout may be lightened, darkened, or changed to a completely different hue. A lot of colours are available, and one of the benefits of grout recoloring is that the formula we use actually doubles as the best quality sealer on the market, making potential grout cleaning even simpler.

Any tile and grout surface will benefit from our Professional Grout Cleaning & Restoration process, including:

  •       Kitchen Floors
  •       Tiled Foyers
  •       Conservatory Flooring
  •       Toilet Floors
  •       Bathing rooms
  •       Shower cubicles
  •       Wet rooms
  •       Tubs

This method can be used in any space or on any hard surface in your house, including both man-made and natural hard surfaces.

Grout Washing & Repair in Perfect Circumstances

  •       Shopping malls
  •       food courts
  •       restrooms
  •       kitchens
  •       service stations
  •       health clubs
  •       motorway services
  •       coffee shops
  •       restaurants
  •       swimming pools
  •       locker rooms

Cleaning will take place in near proximity to passers-by in both indoor and outdoor settings, such as:

  •       Shopping centres
  •       Children’s play areas
  •       Gas stations
  •       Courtyards
  •       Clubhouses for golfers

Strictly Grout is a cleaning service that focuses on grout

Strictly Grout restores the beauty and functionality of your home or business house with the specialist. We offer deep cleaning services for a fresh and renewed look using eco-friendly vapour technologies.

Our machine softens and extracts years of dirt and toxins using specialised grout cleaning solution and high water pressure. The floor tool is attached to a strong vacuum hose that suctions the cleaning disc to the floor and confines the 1000 psi water spray within the 16-inch disc. There is almost no spillage to be worried with. The water, as well as debris and chemicals, are pulled back to our vehicle by the vacuum hose.

To better satisfy your interests, we embrace a customer-first attitude

As a grout cleaning Brisbane company, our customers are still first and foremost in our thoughts. We develop and improve client-company partnerships in addition to delivering high-quality services. We take care of any particular requests you may have and work on your schedule. Please email us if you have any questions or complaints about our operation. Our knowledgeable team is available to answer your questions at any time.

The below is our tile and grout cleaning procedure:

  •         Figure out what kind of tile or stone you have.
  •         Examine the grout and tile for any sealers or coatings that could have been added.
  •         Determine whether the grout is sanded, un-sanded, or epoxy by doing a test.
  •         Carry the furniture with care where possible; however, certain items can not be able to be relocated.
  •         We agitate after adding the best grout cleaning solution and making it stay for 10-15 minutes.
  •         Rinsing with the Turbo self-contained high-pressure hot water washing and extraction product.
  •         Finally, we use air movers and towels to dry the floors so they are good to use.
  •         Once the grout has dried, you should seal it.
  •         After that, we clean the field completely.

FREE Hard Surface Inspection

More than just a price coat! Our grout cleaning services and sealing experts will come to your home and check all of your tile and grout at no cost to you. Your shower walls and doors, as well as any other hard surface that may require cleaning or repair, will be inspected for injury, staining, and repellence.

We also include natural stone and grout sealing facilities, as well as the removal of coatings, waxes, and other forms of sealers from natural stone, polished porcelain and ceramic tiles, and other rough surfaces, as well as grout haze removal.

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