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The hardware and equipment used by our tile & grout cleaning services are entirely new to the industry, and they were built in collaboration with a variety of cleaning tools that help our machine run more efficiently. The soil should be properly and intensely washed and sanitised using a mixture of heat, water pressure, detergents, and vacuum, with all residue being collected rather than pushed about and then dispersed again.

Once the surface has been properly washed, it can be treated to help avoid contaminants from resurfacing. Grout lines may be either transparent or colored-sealed. Clear sealing entails applying a colourless barrier treatment to the grout. This is not a paste that lies on top of the grout, but rather an impregnation that protects the grout while still allowing it to breathe. All natural materials such as granite, sandstone, travertine, and slate, to name a few, should be transparent sealed. When used outdoors, the transparent seal helps avoid damage from spilled tea, coffee, wine, or alcohol, as well as the growth of algae, moss, and verdigree.tile and grout cleaning services

Great looking grout is the key to great looking tiles. Grouts are porous, so they absorb grease, mud, and lime scale readily. Wine, lemonades, or other greasy liquid spilled on the floor will leave scratches and patches on the joints. Mould, Mildew, and Limescale can and will cause grout between wall-tiles to become dirty and unattractive, particularly in damp areas like bathrooms.

The Purpose Of Cleaning Tile & Grout

In recent years, with the increased use of tiles and natural stone by both developers and the general public, cleanliness has become a major issue. When the floor is raw, general store-bought cleaners and a mop can continue to work, but dirt and soil slowly build up, tiles become dull, and grout lines lose their colour and may turn black.

When you brush a finger down a grout line, it will most often feel greasy. This is due to frequent mopping or conventional brushing, which loosens mud, moves it around, and then deposits it in the grout lines. There has been no clear alternative before now; people have either agreed that the floor cannot be fully washed and dealt with it, or they have torn out and removed the tiles in serious situations.

The Need For Proper Management Of Tile and Grout 

Mould is one of the most unsightly issues; it normally begins in the wettest part of the room, such as the bottom of the tub or bath, and if left unchecked, it will quickly expand to cover a wide area of the wall.

Continued use of acid-based shampoos and soaps in bath and shower areas can discolour grout joints, allowing yellow, orange, and pink stains to appear over time. To secure the grout, use a sealer that creates an unseen shield between the grout and the wall, covering the investment for years to come.

Porous flooring, such as Terracotta, should be sealed every two to three years to preserve the tile’s elegance and shield it from wear. The brittle aspect of Mexican terracotta makes it difficult to scrub. Mexican Terracotta is not baked in a kiln; instead, it is left to bake in the light, and if the weather is gloomy, the temperature will fluctuate, causing the porosity of the tile to rise.

The Problem Regarding Tiles

Regular abrasion causes seemingly smooth surfaces to become scratched and dulled, creating micro hiding spots for mud, oils, and bacteria. The situation rapidly deteriorates, resulting in an unacceptably dirty floor that cannot be washed with a mop and bucket. Waxing over this unsightly surface just helps to lock in the worn, filthy appearance.

Ceramic tile flooring, which is more modern, presents a challenge on two fronts. First, the tile surfaces have more texture than ever before, making the mop less efficient and useful. Second, the grout between the tiles has even more texture to catch soil residue left by mopping, which is even more obvious and troublesome.

The Problems Faced Regarding Grout

The concern is that the cementitious lime-based grout readily absorbs moisture, oils, and sugars, which draw bacteria, soil, and other solids, darkening the grout and altering its overall appearance. Other porous surfaces, such as brick, Italian quarry-tile, granite, and other manufactured flooring, accumulate liquids, oils, and soil to the point that their colour darkens with time, much like concrete or grout.

Chemicals will adequately dilute the grime, but without successful removal, the resultant slurry can only soak further into the grout. Rotary scrubbers can’t get through the grout lines or the texture of the tiles because they’re so little. Food courts, bars, toilets, and recreational facilities are often associated with tile and grout. Aesthetically, dirty tile and grout are unappealing. What’s worse, it’s unsanitary. Bacteria, oils, vegetable matter, sugars, and moisture all accumulate in the grout lines. The last “rub and bucket” of the day exacerbates the situation by adding still more moisture and soil to the mix.

Traditionally, this has been addressed by either labor-intensive scrubbing with nail brushes and detergents or agreeing that after a couple of years, the tile and grout surface will need to be lifted and reinstalled. Clearly, this is:

  •       It can be very expensive
  •       The business can lose customers for the duration of the cleaning process
  •       Clientele and workers disruption

Strictly Grout’s Grout Sealing Process will keep your grout lines secure for years. We use a ground-breaking Tile & Grout Cleaning Process that keeps the grout lines stain-resistant, waterproof, and sanitary for years.

What are the tips to remember before cleaning the tile and grout?

  1.       Keeping the tiles clean will make them last longer.

If the grout and tile surfaces are not washed on a regular basis, waste will build up over time. As a result, the tiles may become loose, necessitating urgent repair. So, the safest choice is to hire a specialist who will assist you with grout and tile cleaning.

  1.   Preventing Water damage

Water damage will occur if the grout and tile surfaces are left dingy and dusty. The explanation for this is that mildew and mould will grow under the tiles, loosening the surface. This can also result in water seeping in. Additionally, if you have a surface area, such as a toilet, that is constantly exposed to water, it can result in water damage. As a result, hiring a specialist who can theoretically avoid water damage by cleaning it on a daily basis is the safest way to deal with the situation.

  1.   Keeping the grout and tile surface clean isn’t stressful.

Some people stop washing their grout and tile surfaces because they think it is a challenging process. However, it is possible that it would be very costly in the long run, requiring you to spend extra in terms of maintenance. As a result, you can employ a specialist to assist you with washing the grout and tile surfaces so that the cleaning process is quick and painless.

What should you avoid doing before cleaning the tile and grout?

  1.   Do not depend on home remedies.

You may have seen a variety of home remedies for washing tiles and grout on social media in the age of social media. Cleaning with vinegar and dish detergent is one such great home remedy that is currently very popular. For fibreglass or glass shower doors, this solution may be suitable. However, it may not be suitable for tile and grout. The explanation for this is that vinegar is very acidic. As a consequence, a pH-balanced solution can be needed for cleaning.

  1.   Stop using a scouring pad or brush.

Most people assume the grout and tile should be washed using abrasive scouring equipment. Furthermore, we assume that cleaning grout and tile properly would necessitate the use of abrasive equipment and grease. However, using a scouring pad or brush to clean the tile can cause it to become abrasive. Often, it’s possible that the grout will be harmed. As a result, you will find early grout failure, and even then, the soil will not be properly washed.

  1.   Do not use abrasive bathroom cleaners.

When it comes to tile and grout washing, shower cleaners can be very extreme. When using shower cleaners, you will find that the surface dirt has loosened up. However, the soil will be transferred from the tile and perhaps get trapped in the grout. Furthermore, you will have the impression that the tile is clean. But the truth is that there will be a lot of soil in the pores of the grout than you would think.

Strictly Grout’s Cleaning Process for Tile and Grout

Our technicians use high-pressure washing machines to remove debris and grime from between the tiles while still thoroughly cleaning the entire floor. Our efficient tile cleaning machines operate by lifting and removing dirt with streams of hot water at a precise pressure without disturbing the grout or tile surface. Cleaning your tile and grout using our cutting-edge technology is a simple and economical solution that is much more efficient than using a mop, sponge, or consumer-grade cleaning product.

The following is our tile and grout cleaning process:

  •       Figure out what kind of tile or stone you have.
  •       Examine the grout and tile for any sealers or coatings that could have been added.
  •       Decide whether the grout is sanded, unsanded, or epoxy by running a test.
  •       Move the furniture with caution where possible; however, certain items can not be able to be relocated.
  •       We agitate after applying a specialised cleaning solution and letting it sit for 10-15 minutes.
  •       Rinsing with the Turbo self-contained high-pressure hot water washing and extraction product.
  •       Eventually, we use air movers and towels to dry the floors so they are good to use.
  •       Once the grout has dried, you should seal it.
  •       After that, we clean the area completely.

Tile and Grout Sealant

Since the cleaning process will strip existing sealant, we suggest that you reseal the surface of your tile with each skilled cleaning. This would help to keep mildew, mould, and stains out of the grout, allowing it to look better for longer.

Taking Care of The Tiled Surfaces

Following a few easy measures after your tile has been washed, dried, and sealed will ensure that your floor keeps its lustre and appeal:

  •       Scrub or clean the flooring to minimise any dust or loose debris that might scrape the tile’s surface.
  •       Once the soil has been washed, mop the floor once a week with an appropriate detergent and a tile-cleaning mop.
  •       Use a combination of white vinegar and warm water to eliminate greasy stains. Always clean the residue well with lots of fresh water.

Tile Services Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Perth

Strictly Grout is a tile and grout cleaning services company that excels at washing and repairing rough surfaces. We use cutting-edge technologies to put the tile and grout back to life.

We’ve made tile & grout cleaning solutions that assures homeowners and building owners that their floors will be properly washed. Our floor-cleaning process is exceptional. We use a high-pressure cleaning device made specially for tile and grout, as well as natural stone.

Our system uses best tile and grout cleaner and hot water pressure to soften and extract years of soil and contaminants. The floor tool connects to a powerful vacuum hose, which sucks the cleaning disk to the floor, and confines the water spray inside the 16-inch disk at 1000 psi. There is virtually no splash over to worry about. The vacuum hose draws away the water back to our truck and along with the dirt and contaminants. This is why Strictly Grout offer the best Tile & Grout Cleaning Services across the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.

Free Hard Surface Audit

Our tile & grout cleaning services and sealing experts will come to your home and check all of your tile and grout at no cost to you. Your shower walls and doors, as well as any other hard surface that may require cleaning or repair, will be inspected for injury, staining, and repellency.

We, at Strictly Grout also include natural stone and grout sealing facilities, as well as the removal of coatings, waxes, and other types of sealers from natural stone, polished porcelain and ceramic tiles, and other rough surfaces, as well as grout haze removal.

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